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the magical rose-own story

Saturday, 15 December 2007 Saturday, December 15, 2007

The magical rose

"hey lets find some roses"
said Rosie.
"ok then, but we have to find a magic rose"
said Lucy.
So, off they went to find a magic rose
but when they were walking
a person
came up and said
"hello what is your name ?''
Rosie and Lucy
answered but then after they
answered they ran.
when they ran they felt so hot
so they went to buy an ice-cream
and a cold drink
"let's carry on walking"
said Lucy
"I'm scared"
said Rosie
"why are you scared?"
said Lucy
"because we have to tell
mum and dad first"
said Rosie
"oh no! we forgot"
said Lucy
then they took all their things
and went back home.
"where have you two kid's been?" asked mum
"we went for a work mum
sorry for not telling you mum"
said Rosie and Lucy
"never mind"
said mum.
"Rosie Lucy come down and eat nasi lemak"
"yay nasi lemak"
said Lucy and Rosie

! to be continued


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