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third storie in a day my own-Lost teddy

Monday, 3 December 2007 Monday, December 03, 2007

The Lost Teddy
One cold winter night there lived a fine little girl named Mandy
she lived in a hut with her
mum and dad
and of courses her birthday teddy named
They all live together happily.
Mandy could never sleep with out her teddy, chocolate!
chocolate was been washed and dryed at the laundry
Mandy never seen her teddy for 5 days.
Mandy never slept for 5 days she tried to find her teddy
Mum said to Mandy
"don't worry we will find her tomorrow okay because it is night time"

Dad said to her,
"sleep now other wise you will have bags on
your eyes"

the continued part

So Mandy did sleep till it was morning
When she woke up that morning she went to the laundry
her mum tried to find it there
but she can't find it.
Mandy saw a little girl named Lucy
she took Mandy's teddy
Mandy shouted "STOP!"
every one looked at Mandy and Lucy too

Mandy said
"thats my teddy, chocolate"

Lucy said
"No! thats mine"

then Mandy's mum said to Lucy
"Hi, that little teddy named chocolate
the teddy that you are holding
is my daughter's teddy"

Lucy looked at Mandy's mum and said
"oh sorry i did not know!"
Lucy returned back Mandy's teddy to her.
Then Mandy went back home with her teddy
Now Mandy can go to sleep and she slept tight
with chocolate next to her!.




forever and always