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the two school girls - my own story

Sunday, 16 December 2007 Sunday, December 16, 2007

Two school girl's
onces upon a time there lived
two girls named
Charlie and Cindy.

Charlie and Cindy are best friend's.

both of them share
the umbrella if one of them
didn't bring their own

"can i share your umbrella Cindy?"

asked Charlie.
"yes you can share my umbrella"
said Cindy.
"thank you" said Charlie
"you are welcome"
said Cindy.

So both of them shared the

all the way to school.
Then Mr Can,
the teacher said
"you two have to do more home work!"
to Charlie and Cindy
"But tomorrow i have R.E lesson!"
said Charlie
"And i have to go to my grand mother's house!"
said Cindy
"NO! do your homework till you get it all right!"
said Mr Can.
SO both of them have to stay for their English lesson.

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