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Saturday, 23 February 2008 Saturday, February 23, 2008

No Picture Yet.

This is a story I wrote somewhere last year in my notes book. In the books I drawed the pictures of all the characters in this story. I wll try to snap the picture and put it here :) Now, let read my story and hope you will enjoy it :)


One day there lived five girls in one big house. Their names are beaky,britney,ashley, jessica and rachel.
Britney is much of an show off and mostly she gets all the things she wanted from her parents and she's the leader out of all four girls.
Beaky loves playing tennis but most of all the time she likes telling jokes.
Ashley likes to watch television and goes to the gym to loose weight.
Jessica loves writing secrets in her diary and she also likes funny peoples.
Rachel is shy and gentle but she keeps too many animals.

to be continued

there are four chapters in this storie.....
i wrote it my self ok!
there are still more
Now I just telling u about the characters first


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