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Monday, 18 February 2008 Monday, February 18, 2008

On Saturday we went for the msjbox familyday gathering.
Hari Sabtu kita pergi ke msjbox family day gathering

Dan kita semua makan makanan yang sedap BBQ!.
And we all ate food that was delicious! it was BBQ!.

Selepas kita makan kita main games!
After we ate we played games!

It was a really fun and fantastic game! we all enjoyed it!.
Game yang kita main ialah game yang best! dan hebat!.

Orang-orangnya mendapat hadiah yang cantik daripada msjbox!.
Everyone got a prize that was pretty! from the msjbox!.

Kita pun balik rumah.
We all went home.

After a few hours me and my mum came back to the Camping site again.
Selaps brape jam saya dan Mak pergi balik di Tempat camping.


Ini apaka saya mendapat di gathering msjbox.
This is what i got from the msjbox!

Guess who is the person that this present from?
Agak siapa punya hadiah ini?

Jeng! jeng! jeng!

This was from a pretty sister Putri ilya natasha
Ini dari kakak cantik Putri ilya natasha

My present was cute and auntie shida got it
Hadiah saya cute dan auntie shida dapat itu

Thank you for the nice day!!!
Terima kasih untuk hari yang baik!!!


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