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Friday, 4 April 2008 Friday, April 04, 2008


One day there lived a girl named Brook.
She was a very good girl but she always makes mistakes.
Brook also bashes into things like the door "KEBANG!"
this is the story...

Brook: MUM! i'm going to school now..
Mum: Yes darling, take care.
Brook: I will.
Mum: Don't forget this... YOUR LUNCH!
brook: ok thanks....
Dad: HEY brook get daddy's key.
Mum: Daddy! Brook has to go school she's gonna be late, I'll get it for you.
Dad: thanks a lot Mum.

After an hour Brook reached school...

Brook: OUCH!
Lisa: what happened Brook?
Brook: i just Bang into a fat girl!.
Lisa: thats not good saying fat girl... say big girl.
Brook: oooo ok..
Katie: Hey!
Brook & Lisa: Hey have you done your math homework?
Katie: yes.. why?
Brook: can we copy? please
Katie: whats the magic word?
Lisa: Pretty please?
Katie: nope.
Brook: i nO I NO!
Katie: what is it?
Brook: May i please borrow your math book?
Katie: yes thats right only Brook gets to copy my math book!.
Lisa: Not Fair!
Katie: ok... then share it with Brook.

BrInG riNg brinG RiNG

this is kate.

this is Brook

This is Lisa

it was time to get in the class.

Brook: Oh NO! i haven't done my homework... i feel a shame of my self :(
Lisa: same here! *waves* Mrs Wesley is gonna get angry.
Katie: well math is after break time so we will all have time! :D
This is Mrs Wesley

Brook: I'm gonna go home now.
Brook: I'm gonna cry now.
Brook: I'm sad now.
Katie: oooo COME ON!
Lisa: ermm... Brook... you just bang into the teacher.
brook: arrrrrrr which teacher was it?
lisa: Mrs Wesley!
Katie: "Oh CRAPS"
Lisa: noT GoOd! tO SaY ThaT!
Katie: what ever and anyways i wanna see the new girl in our classroom.
Lisa & Brook: "WHAT NEW GIRL!" O.o
Katie: never mind... Catch you later!
Lisa: okie then bring the new girl here.. we can be friends C:
Brook: ya! thats right me clumsy she can be too! hehehhehe
Lisa: dON'T Be silLy yOU!

time f0r math

Brook: Teacher can i go to the toilet!?
Lisa: me too!? pleasseeeeeeee!
Katie: Oh man they are gonna escape again..
Mrs wesley: Did anyone say gonna escape?

After an hour the 2 little girls haven't came back.
Mrs wesley said has anyone got Brook's math papeR?

To be continued in the next entry!


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