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the continued story (1..2..3 KEBANG!)

Thursday, 10 April 2008 Thursday, April 10, 2008

this is the twins in their lovely birthday dresses
this is minalina the girly twin
this is ninalina the tom boyish twin

Minalina: thanks you all.. plus...
Ninalina: Where are the cheerleaders?
Katie: well.. they said one of the cheerleaders might not come..
Lisa: yup they did!
Brook: guys i feel shy hehhee..
This is Brook in her party dress

This is Lisa in her party Dress

this is Katie in her party dress.

on the door
DiNg DoNggggg dInG DoNggGg DINgGG DONgG

Minalina: Whos that on the door?
Ninalina: i will get !
Minalina: okie!
Ninalina: whos that?
to be continue
forever and always