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Saturday, 15 November 2008 Saturday, November 15, 2008

who is it famous really>? ★★~lOl~★★
If you wanna know how to do it follow this link~:~
it's simple he3 i found it on ----> look down!

^__^*Diena*^___^'s blogger page

well this is how me my aunty and my sister made my baby cousin pose and wear that clothe... here..
my aunty found the shirt in my wardrobe and made my cousin wear it and then we made him wear a clip but i'm afraid he took it off cause he said "ooohh OUCH shakit kak" he3 it was funny and the my sis told him to do the pose and he done it but it was abit "crap" i can say and then we made him stand near the bookshelf.... he3... ey there's a video that i did take but he ran to the room cause he was soo shy! -- biasakan budak budak kecik lagikan kan betul kan? :D XD C: i was fun doing that and yea the necklace was mine just took it of and made him wear it. (he likes the fan)

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