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Monday, 19 October 2009 Monday, October 19, 2009

Salam to everyone. I always go to Seven Eleven (7E) to buy my favourite drink - SLURPEE and one day i saw the advertisment on the Slurpee Competition. I really wanted to join the competition but i manage to take the picture on the last day of the submition date.
On that the last day of the competition, i asked my mum to drive me to 7E and i bought a big cup of slurpee but unlucky the 7E was running out of the cup lit. I was a bit frustrated but i have no choice. At is i filled up 2 cups. One for me and one for Mahzuz but my mum say 'NO!' . Licky the salesman said i can take one and leave the othe one.
I took this picture on my own using the auto click. That's why the picture is not so good. My mum can't help me because she was busy in the kitchen. Finally i manage to take few pictures own my own and this is the best picture i took with mahzuz.
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