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Tuesday, 6 April 2010 Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Kak Tedi always have 'lucky visitor' in her blog. Before she will give a present for the person who will be the 4800 visitor. I was so eager to try and I got! I managed to print screen but I am not lucky enough when someone else got the same number! The person was quicker compared to me. So I didn't got it... It's OK because I can try again.

Later kak Tedi said that she will give away a teddy bear for the lucky 50000visitor. I was so excited that i waited and always go to her blog to see how many people has entered her blog.
I was staying up and finally I got! I was so happy to be the winner!


Actually I already have one Me To You teddy (in the picture in grey and on the swing) which was given by my friend. By winning the 'lucky visitor' and received the Me To You teddy, now I have 'a friend' for my greY me to you teddy.


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